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We seeking additional information and resource materials for the AAG's Diversity Clearinghouse in the following areas:

1) Funding resources for enhancing diversity
2) Other resources that can support geography programs, e.g. mentoring programs, recruitment programs, summer workshops, etc.
3) Information and Publications on Success Stories, failures, Best Practices, educational strategies, model programs, university programs and policies, federal policies, etc.
4) Statistics, data, and reports on recruitment, retention, and trends regarding minority and underrepresented groups in geography
5) Linkages or partnerships with private industry and/or the public sector
6) Sample or model proposals
7) Information from other disciplines and university-wide programs on enhancing diversity that could be valuable for geography programs.

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Data on Diversity Conferences K-12 Publications and Proceedings Funding Sources
Department Recruiting Strategies Best Practices Undergraduate Scholarship/Internship/Fellowship Programs Jobs/ Careers
Organizations and Centers Faculty Graduate Model Projects and Initiatives Funded Proposals
This Resource is specifically geared towards the discipline of geography

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